Jiang AL Day at the Circus        
  Sherrard AL COMATOSE 16        
  Cates APO AE BELGIUM A Dark Path        
  Charvira AZ The Trance        
  Savastio AZ The Sound of Survival        
  Awbrey CA Cory and the Forbidden Planet        
  Bhasin CA Gold Rush        
  Blanco CA The Mystery of the White House        
  Caballero CA Terror in the Pacific        
  Chae CA The President's Daughter        
  Chang CA The Nautica        
  Chau CA Grimms        
  Chau CA Show Me, Mirror        
  Chau CA Shrink Ray Madness        
  Chau CA The Stompers of Justice        
  Cho CA Clara's Sky Adventure        
  Cruise CA Mysterious Forest        
  Elias CA The Lost Alley        
  Gutierrez CA Midnight Horror        
  Hernandez CA The Journey to the Underwater Lab        
  Hoffman CA The Journey        
  Kaplan CA The Monstrosity        
  Kravitz CA Someone to Lead Me Through the Dark        
  Lakshmanan CA Priceless Gem, Stolen        
  Li CA Never Judge a Girl by her Grades        
  Mahony CA The Robbery        
  McDarby CA Survival of the Luckiest        
  McDonald CA The Island of Wonder        
  Miyashita CA A Happy Ending        
  Munoz CA The Journey to the Crystal of Life        
  Murillo CA World War III        
  Noh CA How I got to be Mary Elizabeth Rose        
  Park CA The Girl, the Flute, and the World of Kendielings        
  Parker CA How I Changed My Ways        
  Perez CA Meltdown: The Tragedy of Ice        
  Pi CA The Question of Ever Coming Back        
  Pitigoi-Aron CA Following Clues to the Treasure        
  Porter CA The Curse of the Diamond        
  Qin CA The Jewels of Darkness        
  Ramirez CA So There I was on Mars        
  Reale CA Friends with a Statue        
  Rerecich CA The Haunted Bus Seat        
  Rulloda CA The Wardrobe's Library        
  Truong CA The Girl Who Had Girl Power        
  Won CA At the Skating Rink        
  Woods CA Don't Be Afraid        
  Xia CA The Haunted Sleepover        
  Zhang CA The Mystery of the Misunderstood Diagram        
  Schwinn CO Sparks        
  Sweeney CO Escape from New York        
  Windham CO A Darkened Fortune        
  Hla DC A Trip to the Park        
  Alexeyeva FL The Doll's Curse        
  Baur FL The Guardian        
  Boyd FL The Chewed Up Gum        
  Evangelista FL My Moment        
  Freed FL Attack of the Ursa Major        
  Joelle FL The Golden Statue        
  Ngo FL Mirrors        
  Ahabue GA All Alone        
  Dang GA 7th Street Murder        
  Diedrick GA Waiting for Summer Fun        
  Forbes GA A Stray Story        
  Hu  GA Smileyville is a Great Place to Live        
  Huang GA Escape from Them…        
  Huang GA The Cottage        
  Hugee GA The Spreading        
  Jamison GA UNDER THE HATCH        
  Jin GA Swim Frenzy        
  Levin GA One Strange Day        
  McWhite GA A World of Strange Things        
  Nguyen GA Dragon Fusion        
  Osunkoya GA The Prototool        
  Papotto GA Golden Goblet of the Goblins        
  Pattillo GA Misunderstood        
  Phan GA Super Powers Smack Down        
  Rece GA Just an Adventure        
  Rousseau GA So there I was…        
  Wang GA The Hunt for Loot at the Keys        
  Zarnich GA Cloud City        
  Zhu GA The House of Haunted        
  Parkinson IA The Unknown Enchantment        
  Gaines ID Information in the Alley        
  Hoatson ID Stealing the Crown Jewels        
  Horton ID The Old Attic        
  Huberty IL The Detective        
  O'Donnell IL BPD        
  Shroff IL Dinosaur Christmas Party        
  Timmerman IL The Abduction        
  Zhang IL All because of a Coin        
  Castro IN Clean Slate        
  Corbin IN The Adventure in the Woods        
  Fields IN The Final Frontier        
  Loving IN A Haunting from the Past        
  Parker IN The Spring        
  Shie IN Where is it Coming From        
  Whited IN The Black Flame        
  Wilson IN Changing Views        
  Sluyter KS Dead Winds        
  Suryanarayanan KS The Escape        
  Hauke KY Cat for a Day        
  Silver KY Galactic Mall        
  Astley-Sparke MA The Not So Awful Older Brother        
  Wilde MA Bitten by a Scavenger        
  Zhang MA End of the Tunnel        
  Friskey MD Regret        
  Firmin ME Louself        
  Eligah MI Lorna of the River        
  Harvey MI Meghan Mayhem        
  Hodges MI The Missing Jewelry        
  Hong MI Dreams, Danger, and Deceit        
  Inda MI Egyptian Treasures Save the Day        
  Lovelady MI Best Bot Buddies        
  Martella MI The Drag On Story        
  Sundberg MI An Adventure Through the Door        
  Villaire MI The Search for the Puffatiel        
  Sandnas MN Too Late        
  Shay MN Trapped        
  Zhu MN Unstoppable        
  Zhu MN Wish        
  Bronson MO I Don't Lie        
  Durand MO A Grip for Life        
  Durand MO A Trip to the Rainforest        
  Durand MO Come Back, Henrietta        
  Durand MO My Ridiculous Report        
  Durand MO Raven Steak        
  Durand MO Shadows and Fears        
  Durand MO Success or Dominoes        
  Durand MO Tumbling Along        
  Durand MO Why does it have to be Snakes?        
  Walker MT A Baker's Adventure        
  Campbell NC An Adventure of a Lifetime        
  Cozzens NC Misgivings        
  Hughes NC Marcus' Adventure        
  Million NC Can I Be Human?        
  Rosado NC The Golden Ruby        
  Willey NC Painting Hope        
  Drake ND The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Recking Bridge        
  Baker NE The Shape Shifter        
  Crick NE The Adventure of the Jubilee Crystal        
  Kohl NE Phorcys        
  Neeley NE The Crash in the Woods        
  Neeley NE Witch's Tale        
  Nyberg NE Iris and Amaroq: The Perilous Cave        
  Parker NE The Lost Temple        
  Pew NE A Spooky night        
  Romonski NE The Burlap bog        
  Beach NJ The Dragon's Treasure        
  Chan  NJ Age of Dinosaurs        
  Chen NJ In the Long Run        
  Chen NJ Talking to the Stars        
  Chu NJ The Future of Meat        
  DeStefano NJ Far Too Long        
  Gao NJ The Wizard        
  Guo NJ The Heist        
  Hu NJ Fire Rainbow        
  Hu NJ Ogreland Adventure        
  Huang NJ A Time Traveler's Nightmare        
  Lin NJ The Forest        
  Lu NJ Alone        
  Norton NJ Phoenix Cove        
  Novello NJ The King         
  Pang NJ A Reef with Multi-Colored Fish        
  Qian NJ Bank Robbery        
  Wang NJ Pages of the Future        
  Wang NJ Writer's Block        
  Zhang NJ Dreams and Nightmares        
  Zhao NJ Friend or Foe        
  Zhao NJ Opening a Gift        
  Huang NJ  Survival        
  Case NM I Don't Want to Be a Tank!  Or Do I?        
  Kuszmaul NM The Amazing Story        
  Larson NM Dream World        
  Larson NM The Transformation        
  Rohwer NM The Deep Sea Battle        
  Sesnie NM The Mysterious Alien        
  Marcozzi NV Brussel Scout Adventure        
  Soriano NV The Guardian        
  El Ghissassi NY Chainsaw Massacre        
  El Ghissassi NY The Bite        
  Gonzalez NY Nature's Helpers        
  Lin NY How Caramel Popcorn and Wheels Made Me Famous        
  Pareja NY Edward the Ghost Hamster        
  Pareja NY Jaw-Dropping Experience        
  Schiff NY Spoiled Soil        
  Slogoff NY How a Dog Changed My Life        
  Zhang NY My Friends are Fairies        
  Zhang NY My New Best Friend The Shell        
  Zhang NY Trust Me        
  Bell OH My Life…My torture        
  Brumenschenkel OH The Relationship        
  Gibbs OH The Case of the Mysterious Mauling        
  Kouzmine OH A Bolt of Hope        
  Orban OH The Haunting at Hull, England              
  Lamb-Smith OR The Dark Force        
  Seaman OR Yeti        
  Willis OR Sunglasses        
  Aamir PA Alone, but Together        
  Fredette PA Max        
  Geffrey PA Let the Flames Begin        
  Geffrey PA The Raven Revisited        
  Heinrich PA Monstrous Plant        
  Kounonpis PA Feigned Freedoms        
  Kristen PA The Gossip Queen        
  Levine PA No Escape        
  Liu PA The Final Adventure        
  Lowery PA New Apartment Pests        
  Nunnelee PA The Battle of Thames        
  Park PA Camouflage        
  Rabinovich PA Survival        
  Rodriguez PA Sharks and Tuna        
  Rosado PA Dead        
  Scherer PA When I met Zeus          
  Schultheis PA The Non-Transparent Ziploc        
  Serena PA The Adventures of Me and Querty K. Board        
  Siegfried PA A Memorable Birthday        
  Szemenyei PA The Corn Cobbler Devil        
  Trempel PA Free        
  Wilson-Keeler PA The Gift          
  Wynn PA A Week in Egypt        
  Yeso PA The Young Ornithologist        
  Maze SC The Dryad Followings        
  Pellegrino SC My Mind was Totally Blown        
  Wallen SC My Amazing Star Wars Adventure        
  Wallen SC The Adventures of a Human-Rabbit        
  Fitterer SD Dream or Reality        
  Pricer TN A Dragon Story        
  Yowell TN The Temple of the Golden Monkey        
  Ahluwalia TX A Tale of Two Suns        
  Balanagu TX The Clash of Dinosaurs        
  Cronk TX The Truth        
  Cruz TX Second Chance        
  Draeger TX A Hunt to Remember        
  Dutton TX Invade        
  Fetea TX The Phantom Provenance        
  Gade TX The Intergalactic Escape        
  Golden TX Silence        
  Hartter TX Storms        
  Lively TX The Music Box        
  Malone TX What Should I Do        
  Rogers TX TotemmVictim Number 7        
  Rohloff TX Three Rocks        
  Russell TX Wake Up Call        
  Sharon TX The Mission        
  Tadurt TX Tornado Day        
  Terry TX The Last of Many        
  Valasquez TX Reliving History        
  Byerle VA Disappearing Siblings        
  Fiedler VA On the Night of a Full Moon        
  Gravely VA The Bell        
  Hang VA Secrets of the Mansion        
  Hosken VA Family of Thieves        
  Hosken VA Playroom        
  Jo VA The Unusual Couple        
  Kim VA Be Careful What you Wish For        
  Kim VA The Night of the Living Broccoli        
  Kohli VA The Marsh of Death        
  Morrissey VA Is She a Murderer?        
  Paris VA William's island        
  Plugina VA Fall        
  Raman VA An Exquisite 2 Days in Dubai        
  Scott VA Goodnight        
  Stanfield VA Trapped        
  Starnes VA In the River        
  Tampubolon VA My Teacher        
  Un VA Sweet Nightmares        
  Stacey WA Into the Blackness        
  Beale WI The Bot Bug Lesson        
  Chen WI The Storm        
  Vogel WI The Mystery of Pitcairn Island