Awbrey CA Cory and the Forbidden Planet   Category Number of Semi-Finalists Total Number of Entries  
  Caballero CA Terror in the Pacific    
  Cho CA Clara's Sky Adventure   8-and-under 7 52  
  Elias CA The Lost Alley   9-10 yrs old 12 153  
  Lakshmanan CA Priceless Gem, Stolen   11-12 yrs old 23 244  
  McDarby CA Survival of the Luckiest   13-15 yrs old 8 185  
  Munoz CA The Journey to the Crystal of Life   16-18 yrs old 4 40  
  Parker CA How I Changed My Ways   All Ages Mystery and Gothic Fiction 4 19  
  Porter CA The Curse of the Diamond    
  Qin CA The Jewels of Darkness   No Entry Form 0 40  
  Schwinn CO Sparks   TOTAL 58 733  
  Alexeyeva FL The Doll's Curse          
  Joelle FL The Golden Statue          
  Jamison GA UNDER THE HATCH          
  Gaines ID Information in the Alley          
  Huberty IL The Detective          
  O'Donnell IL BPD          
  Whited IN The Black Flame          
  Friskey MD Regret          
  Hodges MI The Missing Jewelry          
  Lovelady MI Best Bot Buddies          
  Martella MI The Drag On Story          
  Bronson MO I Don't Lie          
  Durand MO A Trip to the Rainforest          
  Durand MO My Ridiculous Report          
  Durand MO Why does it have to be Snakes?          
  Durand MO Tumbling Along          
  Durand MO Shadows and Fears          
  Cozzens NC Misgivings          
  Baker NE The Shape Shifter          
  Kohl NE Phorcys          
  Nyberg NE Iris and Amaroq: The Perilous Cave          
  Chan  NJ Age of Dinosaurs          
  Chen NJ In the Long Run          
  Chen NJ Talking to the Stars          
  Huang NJ A Time Traveler's Nightmare          
  Lu NJ Alone          
  Pang NJ A Reef with Multi-Colored Fish          
  Qian NJ Bank Robbery          
  Wang NJ Writer's Block          
  Zhang NJ Dreams and Nightmares          
  Kuszmaul NM The Amazing Story          
  Larson NM Dream World          
  Marcozzi NV Brussel Scout Adventure          
  El Ghissassi NY Chainsaw Massacre          
  Pareja NY Jaw-Dropping Experience          
  Gibbs OH The Case of the Mysterious Mauling          
  Geffrey PA The Raven Revisited          
  Heinrich PA Monstrous Plant          
  Levine PA No Escape          
  Liu PA The Final Adventure          
  Loughlin PA The Gossip Queen          
  Serena PA The Adventures of Me and Querty K. Board          
  Ahluwalia TX A Tale of Two Suns          
  Lively TX The Music Box          
  Rogers TX TotemVictim Number 7          
  Rohloff TX Three Rocks          
  Kim VA The Night of the Living Broccoli