2009 Totem Head Story Contest Honorable Mention: "Amazon Adventure" By Victoria Gallegos, 11 years old, Delta CO.
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Story Title: Amazon Adventure

So there I was on one dark, stormy night riding on a plane going to China when the plane all of a sudden made a crash landing into the Amazon in Africa, because it got struck by lighting.  When I finally woke up, it was noon, which meant I was out for 12 hours.  Here is what happened in the amazing, yet terrifying Amazon.

After walking for five miles, I thought the heat had finally got to me because I saw an orange and black tail behind a tree and decided to pull on it.

I heard a loud voice yell, "OW!!! " from behind the tree and out jumped a Bengal tiger.  Hearing the talking tiger made me run up a tree, pee my pants, and scream for help.

Tigeress explained to me that she was a vegetarian and could talk because she had an accident with radioactive goop.  Hearing this touched my heart for some reason, which made me come out of the tree and become her friend.

A few hours later, I saw a lemur in a tree.  The little guy started to act crazy and throw fruit at me!  He noticed nothing was happening, so he lunged at me.  I caught him and started to slap him back and forth across the face until he become tranquil again.  Since I helped him calm down, he became my friend and joined my adventure.

Several days later, no help had come yet and all my energy had vanished.  I hadn’t eaten for days; I used the little energy I had to ask my animal friends to get me food.  The lemur got me fruit, but I was still hungry.  I persuaded Tigress to catch me a wart hog, which filled me up and lasted several days.

The next day, I heard a loud boom.  A volcano erupted!  The sky turned black with ash, and lava poured from the volcano’s mouth.  Like any normal person, I ran.  After a while I started to run out of land.  I saw a helicopter flying above and remembered I had a flare, so I shot it up.  The president who was just passing by rescued me.

All and all, I had an extraordinary time because I stuck with my friends and they helped me get through it all.  I bet you’ve never been on an adventure like that.  What would you do if you were on my awesome adventure?

Written By:  Victoria Gallegos, 11 years old, Delta CO.


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