2009 Totem Head Story Contest Honorable Mention: "My Haunted Mansion" By Noah Ogden, 9 years old, Bellevue NE.
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Honorable Mention

Story Title: My Haunted Mansion

So there I was, stuck in a haunted mansion, all alone, searching for the jewel of life.  Suddenly, a howling noise scared me out of my wits, and I hid under a bed.  I saw a ghost was under the bed, too, so I ran into a closet, checking for vampires before entering.

Let me explain what the jewel of life is before I go on.  The jewel of life is a special jewel that gives any soul the gift of life.  I had brought it with me, but it got lost as I was running.

While I was hiding in the closet, I thought of a plan that would get me out of there and back home so I could go trick-or-treating with my friends the next night.  I decided to try sneaking around back toward the graveyard and leave the mansion before anything else scared me.  I didn’t know when I was making my plan that in the graveyard was a murderous ghost that ate little children.

I was about to head out and put my plan into action when I met a friendly ghost, who knew everything about the mansion.  He was not allowed to leave until he had a friend to help him get out.  I didn’t believe him and ran away to the top floor.  He followed me and had me cornered.  I screamed so loud my lungs hurt, and for a second it seemed like my hair was going to turn white.  It was so scary!

When I recovered from my scare, he comforted my soul and made friends with me.  He told me his name, Jeremy, and that there was a ghostly beast named Scary Face that would eat everything it saw at midnight.  I looked at my watch.  It was 11:05.  I told Jeremy that we had 55 minutes until midnight, and we could sneak out by then.  Jeremy explained that a load of ghosts lived in the mansion, and he gave me a special vacuum called the Potluck 3000 that could suck up ghosts.

I took it and swore to him that I would handle it with care.  Then I said, "We have to make these here ghosts disappear to where they came from and find the jewel of life that I dropped somewhere in here before midnight comes."

We hurriedly built a small wooden shack outside of the mansion and put machines in there to turn the ghosts into pictures.  Then we went back inside and sucked up every ghost in the mansion except for Scary Face and turned them into portraits.

When we got back inside, though, even more ghosts had come!  Where were all these ghosts coming from?

We decided to find the source of the ghosts and suck it up.  We found the source on the roof—a purple ghost named Ghostly.  I battled him and won.

Ghostly said he would join us as long as we didn’t turn him into a portrait.  We still vacuumed him up because he wouldn’t look us in the eye when he said that.  We figured he was lying.  We turned him into a portrait and did the whole process of "ghost elimination" again.  Then we went to find the jewel of life to make Jeremy alive again.

We saw the jewel under a ghost’s den, so we went to find the key.  Too bad for us, the key was under the murderous ghost, Scary Face.  He was going to wake up anyway, because it was 12:00!

He was too hard to battle alone, so we snuck around him and grabbed the key before he woke up.  He woke up just as we were opening the door.  He charged at us.  I gave the jewel to Jeremy and dodged the attack.  Then I saw something awesome.  Jeremy was a normal boy again! Jeremy and I then held hands as we raced toward Scary Face for battle…

When it was all over, Jeremy and I looked at the fainted ghost.

We cheered, "WE WON!"  Jeremy and I succeeded!  We were so happy that that we almost forgot to suck him up.  I asked Jeremy if he wanted to come home with me.  My mother would adopt him, and we could go trick-or-treating with my friends.  He accepted, and the next day my mom adopted him.  We went trick-or-treating with my friends.  We went back to that mansion every year and cleaned it so when we were old enough we could live there.  And, of course, we lived happily ever after.

Written By:  Noah Ogden, 9 years old, Bellevue NE.


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