2010 Totem Head Story Contest Honorable Mention: "Mythical Creatures" By Mackenzie, 10 years old, Bellevue, Nebraska.
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Story Title: Mythical Creatures

So there I was, sitting in my room when I heard a weird noise coming from downstairs.  My parents were gone.  They left me a note saying they were going to be back later, so I was home alone.  I followed the noise into the pantry.  I opened it up and…I didn’t see anything.

I heard the noise again.  At first I thought it was just a rat scurrying around.  I wasn’t afraid until I saw an ugly little troll.

"Eeeewwww!"  I picked up the broom and started whacking.  Of course, I missed him every time because I am bad at stuff like that.

"STOP!  Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!" the creature squeaked.

"What are you doing in my house?" I asked wearily.

Quickly, he ran off and brought me a book that was usually put away in the attic.  I opened it up.  Inside were pictures of trolls, fairies, and dragons.  It has all those mythical creatures that everyone knows are fake, but inside the book it told about that little troll in my pantry.  The book said he can consume 50 times his weight, steam shoots out of his ears when he’s mad, and he can camouflage.  That explains why I heard him but didn’t see him.  It told about many other creatures. I saw that the pictures were missing for some of the trolls. 

The little troll told me that they were out of the book, too.  He was the only troll in my house, but there was a bunch of bad trolls outside, and they wanted to get the book.  If they were to get the book, they would destroy it so they could be free forever.  I looked outside for anything moving, but I didn’t see any trolls.

"Take me up to the attic," I said.  We went up there, and there were drawings.  He kept talking and talking away.  Most of it sounded like jibber jabber until he started talking about the way to stop the trolls.

The troll explained, "To stop the trolls, you have to capture them, put them to sleep and then push them back into the book.  All this needs to be done before your parents get home."

"Let’s do this," I told him.

"You need to use bug spray to make them fall asleep."  He gave me some glasses so I could see them even when they were camouflaged.  With my bug spray in my hand and my glasses on, I went outside.

I couldn’t believe my eyes!  The trolls were all over the place, and I hadn’t been able to see them before.  As the trolls started to come at me, I remembered-I have terrible aim!

"Here they come!" warned the little troll.

"I’M READY!" I started spraying, but I seemed to miss every time.  I closed my eyes and sprayed in all directions.  When I opened my eyes, I saw I’d hit almost every one.  I had to hurry up, because they could wake up any time.  I went quickly to get the good troll, and he helped me put everyone back in the book. 

We saw the picture wasn’t complete, so that meant some trolls got away.  My glasses fell off and broke.

I heard the phone ring and a voicemail from my parents:  Sweetie, we’ll be home in about two hours, so have the house CLEAN!  We love you."

The troll started talking fast, words spilling out one after another, "ohnoohno!  This-is-not-good-the-trolls-will-be-back-so-will-your-parents-and-if-they-gets-your-parents-they-can-kill-them-and-you-can’t-see-because-your-glasses-are-broke."

I then remembered-I didn’t need to see them to hit them.  I picked up the can so I could spray it again, but it was all gone.

"They’re coming!  They’re coming!  Go get more bug spray," I said to the good troll.  I then closed my eyes and was about try stepping on them.  I started shaking the can and screaming to distract the trolls.

"Ow!" I yelled in pain as one of the trolls bit me.

The good little troll came up to me and put the full can in my hand.  I tripped because of the bite, and the can sprayed all the trolls.

"How am I going to put them in the book if I can’t see anything?" I asked.

The little troll started stuffing the other trolls into the book so fast I could barely keep up.  I looked at the bite, and it was bleeding badly.  I tried to stand up, but I felt weak so I had to crawl inside the house.

The little troll gave me the book, looking proud that he had defeated the evil trolls.  I looked inside and noticed the trolls were in their places, but the fairies were missing.  The little troll ran away, and unfortunately I couldn’t catch him.

A few minutes later he came back with another pair of glasses. "I quickly made some glasses that will help your eyesight," he said proudly.

"I can see again!" I said.  I went outside, and I could see all of the fairies hiding.  The book did say they loved to hide.

The troll come over to me and saw me on the ground.  He ran away for a few minutes. When he returned, he had a pad and dabbed it on my leg.  It stung at first, but then the bite went away.

I got up, closed my eyes and sprayed the places the fairies were hiding.  I saw a bunch fall to the ground in the positions for the book.  That was really weird.  I put them in and looked over toward the little troll.

"What’s wrong?" I asked.  After all, we had just put all the trolls and fairies into the book.

"I will miss you when I leave.  Your parents are here, and I can’t stay," cried my little troll friend.

"I’ll miss you, too," I paused.  "Wait!  You can stay in my room under the bed.  I’ll buy some Barbie stuff.  It’s the perfect size.  Go upstairs.  They’re coming."

The car came in the driveway, and I heard my parents say, "We’re home."

They came in carrying lots of packages.

"Hi sweetheart!" they sang out.  "Did anything out of the ordinary happen while we were gone?"

"Nope," I said.  "Nothing at all."

Written By:   Mackenzie, 10 years old, Bellevue, Nebraska.

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