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Welcome to the Adventure Write Kid's Site!

Thanks for swinging by.  Adventure Write Kids is a non-profit project sponsored by the folks at Adventure Write.  We constructed a great kid's site to encourage young writers, and we invite you to surf around.

Here's the skinny on AdventureWrite.com/kids.

1. What exactly is on AdventureWrite.com/kids?

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Totem Head, our Kid's Page sentry, hosts a fun, 10-step tutorial on writing an adventure story.

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We invite anyone under 19 years old to enter our free writing contest.  There's a cash prize (currently $50), and the winner's story gets published on AdventureWrite.com/kids.  Entrants under 18 must have their parent's permission to enter.

Our writing contest is 100% free, and we intend to keep it that way.  If you would like to help us offer more and bigger prizes, you can give a gift to Totem Head's annual writing contest by clicking on the Donate Button on our Kid's page.  Your contribution would be considered a gift by the IRS, and it would not be tax-deductible.

Why are we doing this?  Contests with real prizes encourage young writers.  There are tons of contests, shows and prizes for young athletes, artists and musicians; but there aren't as many opportunities for young writers to be recognized.  We're doing our part to inspire the next generation of adventure writers!

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We assemble adventure stories for our kid's page.  These stories are written by kids, and they have either won our writing contest or earned an honorable mention.  We hope to soon add some kid-friendly stories written by adults.  If you or your child has written a kid's story, and you'd like to post it at AdventureWrite.com/kids, shoot us a line.  While we can't garauntee we'll publish your work, we welcome your submissions!  Email us at: .

2. Information we collect through AdventureWrite.com/kids

We collect non-personally identifiable information through our kid's site.  We also provide 1 online form, which visitors may use to contribute to the "Add-To-The-Story" webpage.  The visitor may include their name and/or hometown with their submission.  This information may, at the visitor's discretion, be personally identifiable.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

3. Why bother with a Kid's Page?

Adventure Write is committed to encouraging young adventurers and writers.  We created AdventureWrite.com/kids to recognize young writers, to provide a safe and fun venue for kids to display their work online and to publish kid-friendly adventure stories.

4. Send us your ideas!

We welcome your ideas, suggestions and constructive comments.  Email us anytime at: .

Thanks for stopping by,
The Adventure Write Team
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