2009 Totem Head Story Contest Honorable Mention: "The Space Mission" By Tiana Lee, 10 years old, Irvine CA.
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Story Title: The Space Mission

So there I was, about to go out onto Saturn for my daily walk on the planet.  This was my fifth time going out onto Saturn, but so far nothing remarkable had happened.  When I took my first few steps that day, I saw Saturn’s seven rings around it like normal.   But this day was going to be different.

When I was about eight feet away from the space shuttle the line holding me to the shuttle broke!   Of course, I didn’t have anything to hold onto but air.   I was about to float out into the distance when something grabbed me by the leg.   I looked down and saw an alien!

He pulled me down, and to my surprise the alien spoke English.   He said his name was Mike and asked me why I was floating away.   I told him what happened and Mike helped me fix my line.   As it turns out, aliens are great at building and fixing things.

After that, I met Mike’s family.   There was his wife, Sheri, and their three kids: Bob, Mark and Marla.   They even had an alien dog named Jupiter.   They lived on the rings of Saturn, which were fun to slide on.   One thing I didn’t like about the rings was that if you sat on them you got really dizzy.   Mike also showed me his garden with its colorful plants.

But after a day or two, a big ship was coming, and it wasn’t a human ship.   It was an alien ship, and we didn’t know whose it was.   Each day, it got closer and closer until one day it landed on Saturn.   There were purple, flying aliens on it!   They said they needed new fuel, or else they couldn’t go away.   And they would get angry.   They told us what happens when they get angry.   You don’t want to know what they do.   Trust me.

The purple aliens needed ringle berries for their fuel.   But we didn’t know what ringle berries were.   Luckily, the purple aliens had one left to show us.   I had seen one of those before…in Mike’s garden!

Mike’s garden grew ringle berries.   So, we picked all but one ringle berry and gave it to the purple aliens.   The purple aliens left, and we were all safe.

After the purple aliens left, we planted the last remaining ringle berry, and in two minutes, a whole ringle berry bush grew.

I only had a day left on Saturn, and it was getting pretty late, so I went back to the shuttle and went to sleep.

Finally, it was time for me to go back to Earth.   I said good-bye to Mike and his family and flew safely back to Earth.   But once I told everyone what I saw they didn’t believe me.

They all said that the only other planet that had life was Mars, which they had discovered was true.   Poor Mars was now a popular vacation site.   But I knew that Mike was real, and no one could prove me wrong.   Well, at least not until Mike and his family leaves in their U.F.O. for their vacation on Pluto…

I started to hear a buzzing sound and everything was getting dark.   Finally, everything went pitch-black.   Then I woke up.   I looked around and discovered the noise was my alarm clock.   I was late for school!

I got dressed and jumped into the car.   On the way to school, I looked out of the car window and saw a U.F.O.

Then I looked closer.   Inside the U.F.O., an alien waved to me.   It was Mike.

I never said a word to anyone about it.   You know, I really have to stop eating candy before bed.

Written By:  Tiana Lee, 10 years old, Irvine CA.


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