2011 Totem Head Story Contest Finalist: "Always Be Patient" By Isaiah.
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Always Be Patient
Written By:   Isaiah.

So there I was, enjoying a tranquil night at our Virginian ranch. Little did I know that while we were peacefully sleeping, mischievous young aliens from outer space used a super duper brain re-looper to play a prank on our family. You see, our ranch there in between the snow-capped Appalachian Mountains and the Shenandoah River was always calm. As far back as I could remember nothing exciting had happened, but that didn't matter because I had two awesome pet horses. The first, a big gray American Saddlebred, I had named Traveller, and the second, a red Roan, was named Little Sorrel.

The problem began on my birthday, the 1st of October, when my parents came into the kitchen stomping and shaking their heads. I asked them if it was time to eat breakfast, but all they said was, "Neigh, neigh".

I thought, "Wow, my parents are in a neighing mood." So I asked them if I had to go to school today.

I was overjoyed when they only replied, "Neigh, neigh".

Because I didn't have to go to school, I could spend some time with my wonderful horses. Going outside I saw my parents wildly shaking their heads as they stuck them out the window. I shouted, "Come on, Mom and Dad, stop horsing around."

Heading out back I found the horses bucking, turning in circles, and acting wild. I started to get them their food, but I stopped when they ran up to me and shook their heads. As I tried to put a saddle on Traveller, he simply bucked it off. I began to get angry, but decided to calm down by counting to ten.

After that I rode around on Little Sorrel, who bucked me off into the water and ran away when we arrived at the pond. That time I had to count to a thousand! Soaking wet, I walked back. Then, seeing the horses run to the house, I ran after them. They entered the kitchen, opened the fridge with their noses, and started gobbling away at the food! Staring in disbelief, I noticed the clock and was shocked still more that it was already 1:30. My party was at 5:00! Mom was supposed to be baking a cake and decorating the house, and Dad was supposed to be getting the hayride ready.

While I was helplessly thinking of what to do next, I heard laughter coming down the chimney. I ran to the tool shed, grabbed a ladder, and climbed up to the roof. At the top I saw three green glowing aliens, and one of them handed me a card that read, "How did you like your birthday present?"

Suddenly I realized what practical joke they had played on me. They had switched the minds of my pets with the minds of my parents! I laughed with them a moment and then asked them oh-so-politely to change everything back to normal.

The aliens, who beeped several times, printed out this message. "You are a very intelligent being. We respect you for not getting angry and being patient. We will change your parents back, and only you will remember this. Always be patient."

I thanked them, climbed down the ladder, ran back to the kitchen, shoed out the horses, and waited for my stunned parents to come inside.

My parents and I quickly cleaned up and got ready for the party. Because the aliens never came back, peace and calm returned to the ranch where the unusual never happens. Well, almost never!

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