2010 Totem Head Story Contest Honorable Mention: "Library Daze" By Geneva.
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Story Title: Library Daze

So there I was, sitting with my book in my lap, right smack in the middle of the library.  Studying for my history test, I soon became absorbed, although perhaps not interested, in my book.  If I did not pass this test I would fail the class, which might have been the reason for the unwanted butterflies rudely bounding about like Mexican jumping beans somewhere in my intestines.

To me, 8th grade seemed very hard, and I did not particularly appreciate the interrupting sound from up above.  Hastily looking up, I let the book fall back into my lap with a bang, right there in the middle of the library.

A whirring sound suddenly filled the air.  Along it loomed.  Down it vroomed.  It was here!  I gripped my chair, not believing my eyes.  Surely—no it couldn't be –the librarian's assistant!  Once a trapeze-artist, he always seemed a little weird to me, but this definitely beat all!  Swinging on the chandelier, he swished right passed me, his black and yellow polka dot tie cutting through the air like a bumblebee.  Under his nose was, of all things, a big grin.  That did not last long, though.  Popping almost straight out of his head, his bright eyes shot open as he swung higher.

His boss was standing on the stairs, talking with a patron, both with their backs to him.  When I saw that they, or more correctly, the boss in the line of fire, I held my breath as the whooshing sound filled the air again.

Unable to move, I stared ahead, my eyes riveted on the swaying chandelier.  Dropping his book, the boss bent over and picked it up.  Slicing right past him with a whoosh, the chandelier speedily returned, passing over the boss like a shooting star.  In my astonishment, I was only dimly aware of the back-flip dismount the trapeze-artist took before he sauntered carelessly back to his desk, his hands in his pockets as though he had merely been cataloging a book.  Though still in a sort of whirling daze, I moved enough to pick up my book and head off.  Maybe I'd better study at home.

Written By:   Geneva.

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