2011 Totem Head Story Contest Winner: "Robby of Locksley" By Ethan Spry, 10 years old, Phoenix, Arizona.
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Robby of Locksley
Written By:   Ethan Spry, 10 years old, Phoenix, Arizona.

So there I was climbing silently up the outside of the water pipe, creeping closer to the bully’s locker, thick rubber bands at the ready hanging loosely from my arm. Wrapping my legs around the pipe, I hung upside down and loaded a rubber band onto my index finger, ready as the bully approached. The stolen Smurf lunchbox was tucked snugly under the bully’s armpit as he nervously glanced to his left and right.

I drew back the rubber band and took aim at the tender area of the bully’s left arm. I calmed my heart then took a deep breath and released. The rubber band hit its mark, and the bully dropped the lunchbox.

As the box clanked to the ground, Jon raced to the bully and with legs shaking asked, "Where’s the boy's bathroom. I need to go." Jon jumped from his left foot to his right. The bully shrugged.

With the bully’s attention focused on Jon, William snuck up behind the bully, snatched the lunch box and tiptoed away.

I dropped from the pipe and hid behind a locker. Jon giggled and ran off while William disappeared down the hallway. The bully was left standing confused.

I peeked from behind the locker and spoke softly to the bully, "I’ll be in the north corner of the library at lunchtime. If your boss has any guts, he’ll meet me there to discuss terms of surrender."

The bully was defiant, "Surrender? To you? He’d rather repeat 7th grade, than surrender to you."

I disappeared into the lockers. "As I said, if he has any guts." Then I was gone.

Within minutes I rejoined my friends. Jon spoke first. "Did he buy it?"

"Yep. Too stupid not to," I said smiling.

"Well then, let’s be on with it, shall we?" William was eager. "He won’t be happy once he knows he’s been tricked." The bell rang, calling us to our classes. We stuffed all the rubber bands we had into our pockets and set off jogging toward class.

Math class was the same as always. This day we had a test, which I raced through. Before long it was lunch, and we went off to finish our mission.

My arms were lined with rubber bands. My left arm was covered with small and thin rubber bands good for creating diversions, while my right arm held thick rubber bands, designed for maximum pain. Over my right wrist was Ruin, the thickest, nastiest rubber band anyone had ever seen. In addition to the rubber bands we carried, William and Jon’s pockets were filled with paperclips and used staples.

Without another word, my friends and I walked carefully to the east wing of Locksley Middle School where the bullies spent their free time among the large utility rooms and janitor closets. It was here they kept their large hoard of stolen goods, the prize I and my friends sought.

It wasn’t easy getting there; we had to sneak past guards and teachers so they didn’t see the rubber bands on our arms. We got there with only a half hour left so we had to move fast.

We paused within sight of the entrance and listened. The boss stood among several other goons talking and waving his hands. "If that little kid wants to be taught a lesson, I’m happy to oblige." The boss walked off with his goons.

I smiled. "As I said, too stupid not to."

William had climbed on top the nearest locker. Two sentries stood on watch, each on either side of the door. William could not see inside the door and he wondered how many bullies were inside. I nodded at Jon who reached into his pocket, pulled out two paperclips and began to load one into his rubber band.

"Ouch!" yelled one of the sentries who smacked the other. "Why'd ya do that?" The sentry was rubbing a small red spot on his forehead, the kind of mark that a rubber band would leave.

I scowled at Jon who whispered, "It wasn’t me." He held up his two paperclips to show his innocence.

William was giggling, "Sorry, I couldn’t help myself."

The sentry with the swollen red mark on his forehead punched the second sentry in the chin who stumbled and ran off crying. The first sentry chased him. "Get back here, punk."

I nodded at William who smiled back, proud of his improvisation.

We carefully entered the lair to find it empty of bullies with piles of stolen goods throughout. I took out three pillow sacks and gave one to each of my friends.

We started to pack up the stolen goods; there was so much that we almost didn’t have enough pillow cases. There were lunch boxes, books and other stuff that kids brought to school with them. We got done within minutes and walked out into the hallway.

The boss was waiting.

"Hello." Bernard Ruffskin was the meanest boy in school and the bully’s boss. He stood a full head taller than Robby. Over each of Bernard’s shoulders were two of his goons. "You have a choice, Robby. Return my stolen goods with a little pain or I take them back with considerable pain."

Jon and William kneeled and loaded rubber bands, pointing them at Bernard’s goons. A moment later both of Bernard’s goons yelped, rubbed their forehead and stumbled back. Two more rubber bands quickly found their mark and the goons fell to their knees.

I pulled off two thick rubber bands and grinned at Bernard, "I choose considerable pain. For you, that is."

Bernard was ten paces from me. Two of my rubber bands quickly struck his cheeks. Bernard yelped and rubbed his cheeks. Furious, he stood and charged me. He was now eight paces away and closing.

I pulled off Ruin, my most lethal rubber band. Ruin was an inch wide and two feet long at full draw.

Bernard was now five paces away and closing.

I drew back Ruin.

Three paces…

I squinted.

Two paces…

I released Ruin.

Ruin found its mark on Bernard’s forehead. He crumpled at my feet writhing in pain. His goons scattered like ants.

Jon and William stared at me a bit in shock at this quick and decisive victory. I looked at the clock. "No time to celebrate. Lunch will be over soon."

Jon, William and I entered the cafeteria, stood on a table in the center of the spacious room and emptied the pillow cases. The sons and daughters of Locksley Middle School cheered us as they, one by one, retrieved their stolen goods. We were conquering heroes.

I put one arm around Jon and the other around William. "Well done, my merry men. Today we are victors." We stood tall and smiled.

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