2010 Totem Head Story Contest Honorable Mention: "Still Leaning" By Isaiah.
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Story Title: Still Leaning

So there I was looking out the window.  This tower window was normally so dirty that nobody looked out.  But on this day, in 1178, as I peeked out the open window, I marveled at the beautiful view of Pisa, Italy.

"Come, Galileo," I shouted out the window to my friend down on the street.  "See beautiful Pisa."

Galileo called out, "Christopher, Marco, come!  Antonio has pizza in the tower!"

"Good," Marco cried out.  "I hope it is pepperoni!"

Word spread through the town, and in less than ten minutes almost all the citizens came up to the tower for pizza.  "Blah, where's the pizza?" they all said together.

"Pisa, not pizza," I exclaimed.  "Look out this window at the spectacular view."

Everyone gathered at the side of the open window.

"I can almost see China," Marco Polo yelled excitedly.

"And I think I almost see India," declared Christopher Columbus.

"Then the world must be round," Galileo muttered thoughtfully.

"I'll have to draw this!" Michelangelo gasped.

Snap!  Crack!  Suddenly the tower started to fall.  It became deathly silent.  Everyone held their breath.  After what seemed like forever, the tower stopped sliding.  Slowly, and one by one, we all went carefully down.

"That was a close call!"  Marco exclaimed.

"Do you think it will fall?"  I asked.

"Architecturally and mathematically it will still be standing 1000 years from now," responded Galileo.

"You think you are so smart.  Blah, I don't believe it!"

"Time will tell," replied Galileo.

Author's note:  Time did tell.  Almost 1000 years later, the Tower of Pisa is still leaning.  And to think it all started by looking out the window.

Written By:   Isaiah.

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