2011 Totem Head Story Contest Honorable Mention: "Super Pear Saves the World" By Ben Free, 10 years old, Napa, California.
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Super Pear Saves the World
Written By:   Ben Free, 10 years old, Napa, California.

So there he was, Super Pear, the boldest Fruit that ever lived. Nothing happened to make him super. He was born that way.

One fine day, Super Pear was watching television and he got a phone call. He walked over to the telephone and picked it up. Super Pear said, "Hello."

"This is Sergeant Apple. Mr. Banana, the evil enemy, is going to shrink every fruit in the world with his Shrink Ray."

"I am on it," said Super Pear. "Where is he?"

"He is on top of the Banana, Inc. Building. Bye," said Sergeant Apple.

Moments later, Super Pear flew off to Banana, Inc. where he landed. Super Pear started looking around for trouble. Then, suddenly, a blob of wet cement landed on his feet.

A minute later, Super Pear heard a noise. "You won’t stop me," said a voice from behind him.

He looked back, but he couldn’t move. The cement had dried. Behind him was Mr. Banana.

Mr. Banana was holding the Shrink Ray. "If you will excuse me, I will be going to the bathroom," said Mr. Banana. When Mr. Banana went to the bathroom, Super Pear ripped his feet out of the cement.

When Mr. Banana came back from the bathroom, he saw Super Pear standing where he left him. Mr. Banana thought he was still in the cement. When Mr. Banana looked down, he saw Super Pear’s feet free from the cement!

Mr. Banana hollered, "How did you get out of there?!"

"Easy! I walked out," replied Super Pear.

Mr. Banana said, "Now I will shrink you and all of your Fruit kind in the world!"

Then he started shooting his Shrink Ray at Super Pear, but Super Pear kept dodging the rays.

And then, Mr. Banana said, "I give up…I can’t shrink you, but I can still shrink all the Fruits in the world!"

Super Pear exclaimed, "I will not let you do that," as Mr. Banana was about to fire again.

When Mr. Banana pulled the trigger, he realized that Super Pear had reversed its mechanism, and guess who shrank? It was too late for Mr. Banana. He got a taste of his own medicine and was now aw small as an ant.

Super Pear saved the day, but he felt sorry for Mr. Banana. So Super Pear put the little banana in a jar to protect him. To make Mr. Banana feel at home, he put a mini model of Banana, Inc. in the jar that had all of the rooms inside of it. Super Pear brought the jar to his house and put it on his nightstand table, and the day of work was over.

All of the Fruits in the world celebrated Super Pear for saving them and their fruit-tastic world. The Fruits declared a national holiday that they called Super Pear Day, and the citizens made a bronze statue of Super Pear holding the world.

To keep the Fruits safe forever, Super Pear built training centers all over the world. Soon, everyone had powers just like Super Pear. As for Mr. Banana, with all the bad stuff he did, he thought about it and decided to join Super Pear’s forces of good.

Everyone started fighting evil and protecting the good, but Super Pear was always the strongest. When trouble came, Sergeant Apple was there to call for help from Super Pear and his army of Fruits.

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