2010 Totem Head Story Contest Honorable Mention: "The Invisibles" By Jack, 10 years old, Blue Springs, Missouri.
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Story Title: The Invisibles

So there I was, in the shadow of a large spaceship, surrounded by the Invisibles.  My friend, Squirt, was a few steps behind me, but he couldn’t help—we had nowhere to go.  Squirt took a step closer to me and nudged me toward the spaceship.  The Invisibles were getting closer and closer, and I could see their laser guns pointed right at me.  One of them shot, and his laser missed my left shoulder by less than an inch.  I lunged forward, grabbed his gun and ran for cover in some thick brush behind the spaceship.

The Invisibles used to be our friends.  I couldn’t believe it had come to this.  I was so quick that nobody saw where I went—not even Squirt.  I watched in horror as they lunged for Squirt, took him captive and blasted off in their spaceship.

I quickly ran to my hideout and got in my spacecraft to rescue Squirt.  He used to be an Invisible himself, but as serious as that bunch was, I didn’t think for a minute that he was safe.

I was right behind them in a matter of minutes, and I could see through a window that Squirt was tied up with a rope and being held hostage!  I was able to dock onto the back of their craft undetected and climb aboard through a remote doorway.

As I sneaked into the room where they were holding Squirt, they shouted, "SURPRISE!!!"

"What?" I thought to myself.  Could it be that this was all just a lure to a surprise party for me?  As a relieved smile spread across my face, I mumbled to myself, "I guess the Invisibles aren’t the devilish, mean, nasty creatures I though they were."

"HEY!  What’d you call us?!?" yelled the closest guy to me, drawing his gun.

Gulp!  What have I done?

Written By:   Jack, 10 years old, Blue Springs, Missouri.

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