2011 Totem Head Story Contest Winner: "The Meteor" By Laney, 8 years old, Perham, New York.
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The Meteor
Written By:   Laney, 8 years old, Perham, New York.

So there I was, building a sand castle on the beach when suddenly, I saw a flaming meteor shooting toward the beach.  I tried to run away from it, but it was too late.  The meteor crashed next to me.  Sparks and soot flew at me.  I was tingling all over.  Finally, I grew drowsy.  "I think that meteor made me sleepy," I thought as I collapsed on the sand.

About an hour later, I awoke at full energy.  Then my legs started moving, my arms struck a pose, and I flew!  I flew!

I was nervous and excited at the same time.  I calmed down as I moved my legs back in a normal position and drifted down carefully.

A crowd applauded.  As I took a bow, fire sparks shot out of my hands.  The crowd franticly ran away as fast as they could.

I trudged to my house to explain the meteor matter to my parents.  Even after I shot water out of my nose, they STILL thought I was only sick.

"Maybe I should have shot fire out of my hands," I though on the drive to the doctor’s office.

Once I was there, the doctor made me fly, shoot slime out of my ears, shoot fire out of my hands and shoot water out of my nose.

"Meteoritis," he said briefly.  He handed a bottle marked "meteor remover" to my father.

Once we all left and got back home, mother gave me a teaspoon of the medicine.

The next morning, I tried to fly over and over again, but each time, I only fell and hurt myself.  I realized the medicine made my powers go away.

It has been years since this happened, but I will always remember the day with super powers.

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