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Age of the Dinosaurs
Written By:   Renee Chan, 8 years old, Belle Mead, New Jersey.

So there I was, walking down the snow–covered stone path. Everything was ordinary, until I saw a strange box next to the path. The box was as big as I was! Out of curiosity, I opened the cover and peered in. It looked empty. I wanted to get a closer look, so I climbed inside. Although I heard a mechanized sound, other than that, there was nothing special inside.

I climbed back out, perplexed, when I noticed mud covering my once-dry crocs. Bugs swarmed through my long braids. Oddly, although it was winter, it felt humid. And where was all the snow?

I continued down the path in my backyard to my favorite tree. I climbed up and took in the view from my perch. I pushed aside a vine that was obstructing my view.

What? Vines in my neighborhood? I looked wildly at the land before me.

No other people were in sight. Strange, right?

Suddenly, the peaceful setting became frightening. THUMP! THUMP! Big footsteps echoed in front of me, causing the earth to shake.

I looked up, and there, right there--was a T-Rex! It shook its gigantic head and let out a tremendous ROAR!

I gasped. Please! Noooo! I was in the DINOSAUR’S ERA! How can a helpless, skinny little girl like me survive in this terrible cruel world!

How could it be? Why? How? Pteranodons soared over the sky, using their long, agile wings to soar over the rising sun on the horizon. Was this for real?

All of a sudden, I heard a faint roar. The T-Rex had picked up my scent and was chasing me! I swerved through the bushes and ran into long brown grass. Then I collapsed on a funny looking tree. Instantly, I felt a tickle behind my back and warm breath blowing onto my hair. When I looked up, I was staring right into an animal-eating plant!

"Oh-no!" I screamed as I ran frantically like a dazed chicken chased by a killer cat.

Finally, I saw a normal looking tree and scrambled up on it panting. What was going to happen next? Just when I felt a little relieved, there came another itch on my neck. Huh? I l turned my head, only to look back at a little mammal. Unlike my pet guinea pig, it had long claws and little sharp teeth in its pink mouth. There was also a little wicked grin on its ferocious looking face.

I was so frightened that I accidentally slid off the tree branch, and, well--"Bonk"! I landed on the ground, flat faced with a big splat!

What would my mom say if she saw my dirty torn-up skirt and my dusty new hot-pink T-shirt? And my poor hair! It was not even in braids anymore. I almost cried. Would I ever make it back home? I did not even know how I had gotten into the Dinosaur Era.

Wait. What if the cardboard box was a time machine? Everything had changed after I climbed into that big weird box. I just needed to climb into that cardboard box once more to get myself out of here.

I quickly stood up and began to look for the cardboard box. But that was when I accidentally stepped into QUCKSAND! I pulled and pulled, but I just could not get my feet out. Then, a great idea came to me. I knew just what to do. I slipped out of my crocs and walked barefoot out of that horrifying pot of mud.

Before I could even take a breath, there was the terrible ROAR one more time. I knew the T-Rex was coming near--AGAIN. What should I do? I was only 8 years old, and the only animal experiences I had was with my adorable pet guinea pig, Caramel, and my American Eskimo dog, Maxi. I had absolutely no experience training a pre-historical dinosaur. I did not think they would understand "sit" or "down" or "do not eat me up" with their small golf ball-sized brain.

The only thing I knew to do at that moment was to climb up the nearest tree again and hide in the branches. After the T-Rex was out of sight, I quickly slid down the tree. To my surprise, I rolled into a swamp filled with long grass. Luckily, I had had swimming lessons. Despite the muddy water full of algae, I skillfully swam to dry land.

And guess what? Right in the middle of where the grass parted, there was the cardboard time machine that I had looked for all over! It felt like centuries since I had last seen it. Even though I was tired and filthy, I still managed to drag myself into the box. That was my only chance for survival. Then, I was back home in no time.

"Ya-hoo!" I shouted out of joy. I was finally home, sweet home.

Now I know to never ever touch any strange things. Being too curious can get you into big trouble. I am really thankful to be back. All my friends, family, school, and even my screaming mom seem to be so lovely right now. At least I won’t become a flat, fat human pancake for the dinosaurs’ breakfast!

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