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Monstrous Plant
Written By:   Ben Heinrich, Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania.

So there I was, in the middle of science class, when our substitute teacher, Ms. Agone, suddenly asked the class, "Who wants this seed? It is a very unusual plant!" She grinned.

The seed was the size and shape of a bean and it was green. I ran over to grab it, and I was the first one. Unfortunately, the biggest bully in school, Billy (a/k/a ‘bullhead’ as I call him), clobbered me in an attempt to get the green bean. And the substitute teacher did not even say anything about this! (I did not admire that at all.)

I managed to get away from Bullhead Billy with my bean seed, and I quickly stuffed it in my book bag. When I got home from school, I showed my parents the bean seed. My parents just looked at it, they did not seem very impressed. So, I put it back in my school bag and left it there.

That night, in the middle of the night, I was awoken by a loud thwack. It sounded as if a snake were slithering up the steps. Is that a snake or … could it be a plant? I wondered. I gasped as a large vine slithered under my bedroom door.

"Shoo! Shoo!" I yelled at it.

It did not shoo. It continued to slither along under the door.

I screamed, "MOM! DAD!"

"What…?" moaned my dad full of sleepiness. "What is wrong?" my dad groaned as he walked through the hall to my bedroom. Then, I heard him exclaim, "What the heck is this?"

Apparently, he had stepped right into a big pile of soil. "It wasn’t me! " I yelled.

"Of course it was you," he replied annoyed. "Now, please, stop the antics and get back to bed!" My dad returned to his bedroom.

Then, all of sudden, the lights in my bedroom flickered on and off. I screamed again. This time, my mom called out to me, "What is the matter? Would you like me to lay with you?"

"Yes! Mom, there is a plant hiding behind my door!"

"Yeah, right." My mom sighed as she got into my bed with me. "I will sleep here with you so that you won’t be scared. Now go to sleep."

But again, I thought I heard something. Apparently, my mom was already deep asleep. I could hear the vine plant slithering and slithering. It crawled on to my bed and spoke to me, "I’ll get you for this!" It hissed at me. And then it slithered out of my bedroom door. Obviously, I just could not sleep after that. I needed to get rid of the terrible plant.

What should I do? I worried. What will happen tomorrow? I need to get rid of that seed! At some point, I did manage to drift off to sleep.

My mom and I were awakened suddenly by the horrible sound of my little brother choking. We rushed into my little brother’s room. The plant had left my little brother terrified on his bed.

"What happened?" I asked him.

"The plant…" he moaned. "It choked me!"

My dad called from his bedroom, "What plant are you guys talking about? What is all this talk about a plant?"

"Uh, I think I have a huge problem in my school bag." I said.

"What is the problem?" My dad asked.

I didn’t answer him. I had to get rid of that seed! But, how? I was afraid to look in my school bag that morning.

My mom drove me to school. My regular teacher was still out sick, and we again had the substitute teacher — Ms. Agone. At recess, there was another terrifying sight….I saw a giant plant that had a mouth with crocodile—like teeth. It was terrifying. I was afraid. When I looked into my book bag, I saw the seed crawling around, and it was crawling on my favorite Pokémon card.

I reached in to grab it, and my hand immediately got all bumpy. Uh oh, I thought, looks like I got poison ivy. "Dang it!" I said. I ran inside school and told Ms. Agone.

Ms. Agone grinned. "It is not poison ivy," she said. "It is something else."

I was breathing heavily. "I need to throw this book bag away," I said to her holding it up.

"You actually think I’d let you do that?" she said as she transformed right before my eyes into a plant—like creature.

"You’re a plant!" I exclaimed.

"Wrong answer." She smiled evilly. "The plant is inside of me!" she said. "And I will do the same thing to you that I did to your little brother!"

Then, a vine swung around my neck. Just then, my little brother came rushing into the classroom.

"Help! Help! The Plant!"

My little brother jumped onto the teacher/plant monster’s back. "It’s time to be extinguished, Ms. Agone! Or should I say Ms. Weed—Gone?!" my little brother said as he lifted a bottle of weed killer.

"No! No! Not weed killer!" screeched the plant—monster—substitute—teacher.

"I’m afraid, so…" said my little brother, and he sprayed it all over her as she faded into darkness.

"I’ll get you for this. You’ll pay for this!" Ms. Agone hissed as she disappeared. She was indeed the worst substitute teacher ever.

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