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2013 Contest Finalist

Chiara Martella
The Drag on Story
Written By:   Chiara Martella, 6 years old, Bingham Farms, Michigan.

So there I was in the scariest haunted house ever. My family was with me and we thought this would be fun, until we saw a huge vampire. It was big and scary. We raced out of the entryway and we moved to the living room and there were ghosts. The ghosts were partly invisible except for their chattering teeth, and their prodigious eyes. The ghost had Dr. Seuss hats. When the ghosts whooo-ooo-ed at us, we dashed out of the room, closed the door on the ghosts, and headed for the kitchen. In the kitchen, there were green goblins, who were cooking a Slime Soup. One of the goblins picked up a ladle and dipped it into the soup. Then he said to me, "Would you like to try some of my delicious soup?"

When I looked into the ladle, I saw snails, slugs, and wiggly worms. I shouted, "Ewww! Let’s run up those stairs!"

Mom, Dad, and Enzo raced right behind me, but when we arrived at the top of the stairs, we were flabbergasted. There was a flying sailboat and it actually spoke. It said, "Hi! Hop aboard and we will go for a great ride!" The boat lowered closer to the floor and we hopped on the boat. The boat told us we had to use seat belts. When he said that, I was happy. This might be fun!

The boat went up and down and around! The ghosts were obstreperous and chased us all around the house. The boat went faster and faster and the ghosts tried to keep up with the boat. Finally, the ghosts were out of breath and they stopped. The boat said, "I am just about out of gas, so we will now have to go on the water!" But where was the water?

The boat then moved outside of the house into the back yard and moved swiftly to a dark, quiet lake. All of a sudden it dropped right into the lake. It was quiet for a while until we moved to a drop, which was a waterfall. And we went down, down, down and finally landed with a boom and splash! Whew! Then a large, blue dragon swam up to our boat! He seemed friendly and he asked us if we would like to go flying. After talking this over, my family and I decided that we would go flying. So the dragon told us to hop on his head and then slide down his neck to board the dragon. We did, and then he asked us where we would like to go. I told the dragon, "There’s no place like home!" We had enough excitement for one day, and I wanted to go home. My family agreed.

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